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Picketing of solidarity with Belarussian oppositionists in Kyiv (Pictures)

Ukrainian human rights activists organized today the picketing of Belarus embassy in Kyiv. They demanded to stop repressions against oppositionists.
Participant of the picketing held banners "Stop repressions!", "Free detainees in Belarus!", "Batka (Father), don't beat!" etc. One of them poured on the snow red fluid which symbolized blood of the oppositionists, who were beaten by police unmercifully.

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Demonstration against President, Goverment and Parliament in Kyiv (pictures)

Opposition politicians and the most irreconcilable part of the small entrepreneurs who protested against the new Tax Code and decided not to stop their public protests after the authorities demolished their tent camp on The Square of Independence in Kyiv - they organized today the new public protest action on the European Square.

Some of them held pitchforks - an old armament of people's uprisings.

They intend to organize a referendum about President and goverment resignation and ahead of schedule elections to the Parliament.

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Why was the public protest of the small entrepreneurs defeated?

Why was the public protest of the small entrepreneurs defeated?
Is there a better way to do it next time?

Postmortem Analysis

1. The entrepreneurs were determined not to upset the President, Mr.Yanukovych. In particular, they avoided any demands for the resignation ot the Premier-Minister Azarov, and the demands for a reelection of the Parliament. And when the Deputies of the Parliament tried to intervene on the behalf of entrepreneurs – the entrepreneurs were capricious as to whom to let to get to the tribune set there, on the protest scene, for the speeches.

What steps ought to have been done:

a) To create a united front under the leadership of a known politician. The best of them - Yulia Tymoshenko. Even though the defense of the interests of the small entrepreneurs is not a cornerstone of her policies, but in the interests of provoking the resignation of the Government and the accelerated path to new Parliament elections, both of these events being in her interests, she would have certainly arranged to defend the protest site and its denizens, camping in the tents.

It is of course understood, that her primary motivation is a self-interest. But what's wrong with that? As entrepreneurs, when you hire a firm of guardians, don't you expect to pay them? So, why should a politician do anything for you out of sheer idealism?

b) To put forward a set of specific political demands. Assuming that the corrected version of the new Tax Code is acceptable to the majority of the entrepreneurs, - the politicians, who wrote the present version, which provoked the protest movement and by this fact have caused a lot of damage to the economy - these politicians must pay the price. The Government ought to resign.

And since the Parliament voted for the deficient version of the Tax Code - only a new election would allow to punish those Deputies, who voted for it - by denying them the reelection.

As for veto, it should have been there as the third demand - after the political ones.

The absence of the political demands is akin to a vile hypocrisy, the same as a show off of an unwillingness to chose among lesser evils - claiming the virtue of the stance, not to favor any evil at all. But the realities of life force us to make the choices, and those who abstain to participate in this decision making, hurt the common interest, by dividing and weakening the opposition, thus in fact permitting it to be crushed.

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"Dude, we were deceived!"

It's a refrain of the song, which small business owners protesting against the new tax Code made their hymn.
I think, they chose it in vain.

Today the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Tax Code in a new edition taking into account propositions of President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych.
Businessmen from the very beginning didn't content themselves with amendments in the tax code, they demanded the whole veto and working out a totally different tax code.

Pictures of their today's protest:

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