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Former minister of internal affairs Yuriy Lutsenko arrested and placed in prison

"Today, at about 13.00 former minister of internal affairs Yuriy Lutsenko went for a walk with his dog near his home on the Staronavodnitskaya street. During the walk he was detained by the "Alpha" squad, who then put him in a minibus and drove away. "

My first thought is malevolent: the traitor got what he deserved! Lutsenko twice betrayed his fellow-patriots from UNSO, then he betrayed Yushchenko, he also never instilled the discipline in Ukrainian police, he didn’t bring the justice to the corrupted. It’s only natural that he was detained.

My second thought was deeper: Tymoshenko is about to be arrested. Anna Donets, a girl that recently fried eggs on the eternal light monument without causing any harm to either people of property, is sitting in the SIZO. Soviet times are back, my friends. Some of you still miss them, because you think that only oligarchs and nationalists will get punished? No, my dears, we all will.
There was a theatrical play during Soviet times, in which a young girl who happens to be a Komsomol leader gets in serious trouble. And for what? For trying to help children, who got their feet soaked in the freezing water, by tearing up the cloth slogan and wrapping their feet in it. What eventually saved her, was the fact that the slogan didn’t have communist content on it, rather it welcomed participants of long passed Olympic Games.

Now, do you remember how it was?
As far as Lutsenko’s arrest goes – it’s a bullet test. They started with ex-ministers. Next will be power ministers. After that, it will obviously be Tymoshenko. Although wise Tarash Chornovil warned: “Yushchenko brought to charge paper-pushers. Yanukovitch will do the same with ministers, and will try to scare Tymoshenko. If such trend continues, in 2015 Yanukovitch himself will go to prison. He will understand this soon enough.”

I would like for these two thoughts to come through:

1. Ex-president and former prime minister must have partial immunity. They should not be responsible for what they did during their term.

Otherwise, the prosecution will become an instrument of political reprisal and revenge. Everyone who during Soviet times worked in agriculture or are now business owners know how this is possible. Even if you will obey all the rules and regulations, you might still be fired for underperformance or go bankrupted. Such are our laws written by lawyers, not by simple workers or by business owners.

In addition, if highest authorities know that after their term ends, they will be put away in prison, they will never voluntarily give up their power. Just like a while ago Lenin, Stalin, and now Putin.


2. The main principle of Democracy, equality of everyone before the law, is fundamentally wrong. For example, ex-prime minister cannot be put in prison for whatever he has done. OTHERWISE PEOPLE WILL BE LEFT WITHOUT DEFENCE. Because nothing counteracts those who are at power other than their political opposition. It is also plainly unfair: today’s politicians steal no less than former ones. Keep in mind they have barely started their work.

In general, any politician should be measured against only one indicator: whether people’s welfare is growing as a result of his work. If not, he or she should be gone after, whether he steals or not.

Translation by Yuliya Shadyrya the_rhubarbs

UPD: If the state leaders know that after their leaving they will be imprisoned, they will not leave their chairs without bloodshed.

The man was tortured by policemen in the forest for about six hours

Is there a limit to lawlessness and impunity of some Kharkiv law-enforcers, prosecutors, and judges?

A story emblematic of Ukrainian police brutality which took over columns of Kharkiv printed press, websites, and local TV, is the story of Yakiv Strohan, which outraged and disturbed society with its gruesome details. http://glavnoe.ua/news/n62973, http://mignews.com.ua/ru/articles/51593.html , http://kharkov-online.com/news/n69460.html.

It started at the end of last summer, says Strohan: “On August 15 we had a quarrel with my neighbor. He broke an empty glass bottle by hitting it on a brick wall. I pointed out to him that it would be safer to throw it away, since our children play there, but he did not settle down, and he lunged at me. Of course, I fought back, and then went home.”

Late at night on August 16 four strange men dressed as civilians knocked on Yakov’s door, and demanded for him to meet them outside. After Strohan refused to do so, they tried to break the door. Strohan called the police, and notified them about strangers trying to break in. However, he was told that the squad was already on its way. Thus the assumption that the men were the workers of Kyyiv District subdivision of Kharkiv police is not unreasonable. The men stayed at Strohan’s door until morning, when they informed him that they are from law-enforcement and are seeking peaceful conflict resolution. They convinced Strohan to open the door. Strohan continues: “As soon as I opened the door, two of them stormed in, twisted my hands, frightened the baby who slept in a cradle, and took me to the branch of Kyyiv regional police department.”

After that things were happening as if he was in a horror movie. Strohan was driven beyond city’s limits, near the cemetery, where he was supposed to give a confession to murder in which he was not involved. He refused to confess to the crime he had not committed. Strohan describes: “Besides me there were three policemen in the vehicle: a captain and two lieutenants. When the vehicle stopped, the senior opened a box with different types of knives and files, and suggested I either sign the document or choose the instrument of torture. After I refused, the torment has started.» “My hands were tied; there were four flasks of water. The water was needed to pour over me later in the forest. Their supervisor told them to start driving, and he drove ahead of us.”

The man was tortured in the forest for about six hours

From Strohan’s words, the supervisor of the regional police department brought the transformer, which was a special devise for electric torture. “Bohdan said that we’ll try another experiment: they ripped my clothes off, pulled my pants and underwear down, and pulled up my t-shirt. Bohdan brought a voltage devise, put me on my knees. Sasha was standing on my legs on one side, and Anton did that on the other side, so I couldn’t move my legs. Bohdan clipped a wire to my testicles, and another one to my chest. My memory is partial at this point.” Pain made Strohan become unconscious from time to time. His butchers poured liquid ammonia down his throat to bring him back to consciousness, which damaged his larynx and esophagus. However, despite this brutal treatment, Strohan did not give up and did not sign the confession, which sadists offered him all the time.

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Video - on 2:10 Yakov Strogan after he was beaten