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Nathalie Vitrenko vs. The Heroes of Ukraine: a Court report

Posted (in Ukrainian) on 2010.12.23 at 00:39

On December 22, 2010, the Kyiv District Court (Desiatynna Street, 4/6) held a scheduled session on the case of a lawsuit of N.Vitrenko vs. The Presidency of Ukraine, requesting the cancellation of the Decree of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, Number 75/2010, dated January 28, 2010, "About celebrating the honor of the participants in the armed struggle for the Independence of Ukraine during the XX-th century".

The side of the Plaintiff was represented by the leader of The Progressive Socialist Party N.Vitrenko, her colleague Mr.Marchenko and several others. (Note: The Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine promotes the reestablishment of the Soviet regime and the restoration of the Soviet Union). The side of the Defendant (The Presidency of Ukraine) was not represented.

Nevertheless, in the quality of third interested parties and/or observers there were present about twenty individuals, with an Attorney Roman Orekhov. Among those present were Mr. Stepan Khmara, Mr.Wasyl Ovsienko, the members of the Parliament Mr.Vyazivsky and Mr.Kulchicky, as well as the representatives of two political parties, The Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian National Assembly-Ukrainian National Self Defense.

The Attorney Orekhov made a representation in favor of officially registering, in the quality of the third interested parties, all those present as well as others who might wish to join. The Judge did not issue a final decision.

The speech of Vitrenko, in her typical style, was full of insinuations, deeply insulting to all the Ukrainians who fought for the Independence during the XX-th century. She ascribed to all of them, - naming in particular the soldiers of the Ukrainian People's Republic, The Carpathian Infantry and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the motives of the deliberate collaboration with foreign countries. She presented a pile of not easily identifiable books, pamphlets and some other documents, which presumably support her position.

During her speech, a member of the audience, Mr. Stepan Khmara, loosing calm, issued some insults at the address of Mrs. Vitrenko, receiving the evident approval of the public present. There appeared a certain tension, which was calmed by the decision of the Judge to take a break in the proceedings.

The session did not continue too long after the break. Mr.Marchenko had an opportunity to recite his hate speech, demonstratively pronounced by him using the Russian language. The next session is scheduled at the same venue for January 5th, 2011, at 13:00.

The report was prepared by:

Wolodymyr Manjko
Supervisor of the secretariat of the Executive Committee of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists
(a duly registered political party)