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We are planning a Round Table on the subject "Journalists and the Police"

Posted in Ukrainian on 2011.02.14 at 17:49

We are planing a Round Table with a projected name "Journalists and the Law Enforcing Authorities", tentatively set for March 1st, 2011. "We" includes The Independent Media Content Contributors Union in Kyiv, Civil Society Group "Internews Ukraine", and the Information Agency "At Your Side". The idea comes from my partner in this Information Agency, Alek Yaroslavtsev.

Below I will outline the plans of the conference, on the basis of our discussions with Andrew Yanicky from the Kyiv Union of the Independent Media Content Contributors, and of my own reflections.

First of all, as to the participants: we intend to invite all journalists, the victims of illegal Police actions - the more, the better. By now I already have an approximate list, with some contact information. Nevertheless - I invite the participation of all and any journalists, who feel that they were subjected to an abuse by the Police. I appeal as well to anybody with a knowledge of such events, to submit the descriptions of them here in the comments section, while naming those involved.

We are also inviting, other than the journalists, the Deputies of the Parliament (and not only from the Opposition), the lawyers working in the media environment, and all those public figures with the interest in this issue. With many of these I am acquainted and I will invite them. All the same - I welcome all suggestions about the names of those who merit to be present at this conference, so that I could take care of the invitations.

Format: I wouldn't like the discourses with statistics. From this sin usually suffer the representatives of the Law Enforcement field, who delight in quoting some numbers that paint such an optimistic picture - which does not quite jibe with the sad realities. Therefore - give us less numbers, and more specifics instead, please.

The purpose: to arrive somewhere other than at a non consequential exchange of opinions.
Some points to cover:

1.The existing legislation is being ignored. The only effective defense against abuse, even in situations foreseen by the Laws, is by creating a lot of noise around the problem. But even then the maximum achievable result seems to be that a victim is left in peace. Those guilty of abuse and non-respect of the Law are never punished, which leads to the repetition of offenses.

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