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Olena Bilozerska: The journalists are used as police informers

Originally posted on 2011.01.25 at 13:49


I have just remembered, that I had not posted here a grand interview that was taken with me by VVNews and was recorded at the end of last year - before there was a second police search at my residence. I like this interview, particularly because it is neither too well organized nor brought up to the literary standards - not even over edited, it is just a live conversation wherein only the obvious errors are corrected.

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The Ukrainian top blogger Olena Bilozerska is one of the most cited in the Cyrillic Internet, and her page at the LiveJournal may well be the most visited, among the similar ones. She considers herself as a public activist, rather than a reporter. What is the secret of her enormous success? What are the means to increase the ratings of a blog, wherein there is no rumor mongering nor pornography? Is it important for a blogger to express her own convictions and why some bloggers benefit from the level of confidence which exceeds that of the paid reporters - this is the subject of this conversation of the VVNews with a delicate angel of the Ukrainian blogosphere.

Tell us, please, about yourself.

I have a university level liberal education, but not in the journalism.

So then how you have entered the journalism?

In the beginning of 2004 we, a group of friends, visited The Dniester Region to find out about the life of local Ukrainians. One of us was a university student in journalism, and moonlighted in a small newspaper. He had promised to the editor to furnish an article about the subject. Well, being poorly organized or for other reasons common to some young people, he missed the deadline, and the article was not ready. Trying to help him, I wrote the article myself. I was ready to let him sing it - I had written it for him. Well, he preferred to present the situation honestly, and with the article in one hand and with my hand in his other hand, he addressed the editor with an admission: "Mr. Wasyly, this article was written by Olena". After having read the article, the Editor had offered me a job in the newspaper. That's how in the course of that one day I had changed my professional orientation. A totally unforeseen turn of events - I have never even dreamed of becoming a journalist. I had simply wrote an article to help a friend. That's how my life was changed.

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