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"Reporters sans frontières" set up a notice for the Ministry of Internal Affairs

International organization "Reporters sans frontières" published an announcement condemning the police search of the residence of a journalist and blog reporter, Olena Bilozerska. The announcement classifies these actions as such that "constitute a serious threat to the liberty of the mass media and are conceived as the means of threat against journalists.

Olena Bilozerska included in her blog a video from YouTube, which shows how two young persons throwing what seems to be a Molotov cocktail, onto a window of a building, possibly into the offices of the Party of the Regions of Ukraine.

"Reporters sans frontières" are citing the article 17 of the "Law on the state support of mass media and the social defense of the journalists", which establishes that "the professional activity of a journalist may not serve as a reason for his arrest or detention, nor for the confiscation of the materials and the technical means used by the journalist in his activity".

The announcement further details that the police, who had already searched the residence of Bilozerska twice during the past year, did not allow her to contact her attorney by phone during the search, which went on on for more than six hours.

During the search, the parents of Bilozerska were interrogated. Olena Bilozerska herself was summoned to a police station for an interrogation, that same evening.

Afterward, the police returned the mobile phone, printer and scanner - but kept under confiscation the computers, the photo and video cameras, as per latest news from the "Reporters sans frontières".

"We are extremely upset by the fact, that once again Bilozerska is being treated as a suspect, while she was only doing her professional duty as a journalist", declares the announcement of the "Reporters sans frontières".

"We appeal the Ukrainian Police to show respect to the Law and to return to the journalist the tools of her profession. These acts of police constitute a serious threat to the liberty of the mass media and, it appears, are designed to frighten the journalists and force them to adopt the attitude of self censorship" - stresses the text of the announcement.

Original in Ukrainian referred to below - it is a second part or the article:


МВС "унеможливить провокації ЗМІ" щодо протестів
Репортери без кордонів застерігають МВС
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